What our clients say

We believe what our clients say about us is important so you’re not taking our word for it:

Knowledgeable, realistic, honest and good value for money.

Matthew is exactly what I wanted from an IFA – knowledgeable, realistic, honest and good value for money.

His service is very professional, and I can’t recommend him highly enough – especially considering my previous experiences dealing with other less reputable characters within the Financial Services industry.

I genuinely believe he has his clients best interests at heart, so so will have a loyal client in me as a result.

Thank-you Matthew, I appreciate everything you do for me.

Daniel Wiskin, International Retail Marketing & Design Expert


Not All Financial Advisers Are The Same!

If you have been put off from seeking financial advice because you think “they are all the same”, you haven’t met Matt. Not only is he a genuinely lovely man, he really, really knows his stuff!! He really takes the time to get to know his clients and understand them too, so he can help them achieve their goals, whatever they may be. We feel completely comfortable with Matt, trust him implicitly and are delighted with the service he provides. We cannot recommend him highly enough.

Jackie Clark, Director of A&G ChemDry, Nottingham


Life Changing Events Are Now a Certainty For Us…

“I’m always intrigued and surprised by the way that Matthew is able to get behind the discussion of money… and understand what is really, truly important to us.

What previously were mere ambitions are now viable and tangible realities.  We’ve carved out more time to spend in our new holiday home in Portugal. And my wife is free to leave her job in the police force and set up her own interior design business.

It makes you think how much of life Louise and I would have missed had we never met Matthew!”

Dave & Louise, Leicester


My Dreams Are Now Just Months Away.  My Work With Matthew Helped Transform Them Into Reality…

“Matthew helped give me the confidence to walk out of my Managing Director’s role – without concern or fear – at the age of 65.

Now living our dreams is non-negotiable.  Instead of being consumed by business we can focus on our relationships.  All of this has come about as a result of my work with Matthew.  And it’s clear to me that “Santorini” is more than just a business – it’s a way of seeing life differently.”

Kevin Lock, Managing Director of Reprotec Connect For Ltd, Nottingham


This Has Freed Up 15 years of My life!

“Our revealing and inspiring conversations with Matthew showed us that I really can escape my stressful role as Managing Director! Not in 5 years. But now. Today! What a relief, not to have to grind through a further 5 years of boredom.

With this new perspective on life, I’m finally free to choose a job which I love, even if it means earning less money. I feel truly liberated!”

Jon and Heidi Langford, Loughborough


“I find Matthew very helpful and friendly. All questions are answered very thoughtfully. His subject research and knowledge is excellent and his advice very sound.”

Mike Clark, Managing Director of A&G Chemdry, Nottingham


“I can strongly recommend Matthew as my Lifestyle Financial Planner. He provides a clear projection of future needs and requirements, and allows clear and timely planning to ensure that personal targets are met or exceeded.”

Aileen Webster, Commercial Director of A & J Carter Ltd, Leicester


“I really like Matthew’s approach with financial planning. Thinking about what the end goal is that you want to achieve and then Matthew doing the work to figure out how best to achieve it. It’s a win win relationship really as the client gets what they need ultimately and Matthew makes a living!”

Rachael Wigginton, Managing Director of Bluebird Communications Ltd, Leicester


“Matthew has given clear and effective advice, taking the time and trouble to put in place a long term financial plan. He has been honest and open. He has been very transparent about his charges and offered to undertake any research requested without hesitation.”

David Simmons, Managing Director of Sinbad Plant Ltd, Nottingham


“Matthew has been an excellent all-round adviser, we’ve made one or two changes to my arrangements and also my circumstances have changed too over the years. At each stage, he has given clear explanations and clear advice, enabling me to make informed choices. His broad knowledge is excellent.”

Gregg Collingham, Divisional Manager of TLC Midlands


“Very impressed by Matthew’s approach to financial planning. This is the way financial planning should be done, client centred, honest and straightforward.”

Steve Goodman, Founding Partner, Achievement Coaching International LLP www.businessbreakthroughcoaching.com/


“If you want to see the future of the way financial advice will be delivered in the UK you need look no further than Matthew Walne. He has an intense desire to do his best for his clients and make sure that they get the best. His client caring approach shown through his dedication to life planning is the approach that will become the norm. Unlike many of today’s advisers whose average age is 55 plus Matthew is still in his thirties and over the next 20 years when the majority of today’s advisers will no longer be operating Matthew will still be there providing the vision to others to follow on how to do the job right!”

Alan Moran, Owner, Interface Financial Planning Limited, taught Matthew at The Kinder Institute of Life Planning


“Matthew is consistently helpful and reliable. His advice is excellent, and is based on sound knowledge of his subject.” November 14, 2009

Dr Frances Miller, Retired Dentist, Lincoln


“My wife and I have used Matthew for some time, and have always found him to be honest and sincere. He has always been punctual, flexible, and has advised us , in navigating the complex world of financial investments. We have always respected his integrity.”

Mike Spriggs, Managing Director, Michael Spriggs Agencies Ltd, Leicester