Retirement Planning

Your retirement plans

Lots of our clients, find retirement planning is a key part of their overall lifetime financial plan. It’s part of the financial planning process we go through together.

For self-employed business owners and many company directors, it’s impossible to separate their personal futures from the future of their business.

So together we look at everything holistically. And when the time’s right, we help you retire the way you want to.

It starts with you

We don’t start with the financial part of your retirement plan, we start with you.

We use tried and tested retirement planning methodologies to help you fully visualise your best retirement options.

Are you retiring ‘from’ or ‘to’ something?

Perhaps you simply want to scale back a bit.  Or maybe give up work completely and do something else.

What about your health and family relationships?

We’ll help you consider what may change and how to plan for it.

We’ll have an honest conversation about pitfalls to avoid so you can have the best life in retirement.

Your financial plan

When we know what’s important to you, we update your lifetime cashflow forecast.

We create your personal financial retirement plan and review it regularly. If we need to make changes along the way, we agree them together.

You’ll have peace of mind that you won’t run out of money.

Retirement income and tax planning

You may have several sources of income – salary, dividends from your business, pensions, investments and perhaps rental income.

We’ll help you use these income streams in the most efficient way, so you don’t pay too much tax.

And if you decide to sell your business we’ll help manage any capital gains tax liabilities too.